Evelyn J. Seto

Still Seek Mastery

San Francisco Bay Area artist, Evelyn Seto, still considers herself an emerging artist because there is always more to learn and master. She’s not ready to be categorized but is currently enjoys working with watercolor and mixed media. Watercolor has a magic about it all allows her to work between controlled color passages and spontaneous surprises that the pigments offer. Working in mixed media offers a

variety of effects, building surface layers of paint, bits of collage, fabric and drawing.

Organic floral shapes influence much of Evelyn’s work. She began a relationship with flowers the same time she discovered art in the 2nd grade. Growing up in the inner city of Los Angeles as an apartment dweller with no yard, her parents made weekly outings to local parks to enjoy the landscape. Her grammar school class visited a garden center weekly where she brought home little flower treasures in wax milk cartons to nurture on their apartment rooftop. The flowers seemed softened the edges of everyday life as they still do for her today.

After a long career in graphics design, Evelyn felt the need to re-connect with the parts of her artistic self that  I had put on hold. She’s a life long learner and have always taken art classes but started painting in earnest in the early 90s when she took my first painting workshop vacation and ha been hooked every since. It’s a great way to travel with like minded painters. She has  studied with many fine teachers in wonderful places like Taos, France, Italy, Tahiti, Spain, Costa Rica and locally here in the San Francisco Bay Area. 


Left: “Huehini Palm“
is a mixed media piece

of these beautiful
berries against a white
palm bark in Tahiti.     

Center: “Three Sisters”
is a waterfall of the
imagination in mixed
water media.